Trends in Sample Preparation
Editor: Marco Aurelio Zezzi Arruda (Instituto de Química - Unicamp, Brazil)
Nova Science Publishers
Pub. Date: 2006
ISBN: 1-60021-118-6

Book Description:
Sample preparation plays an essential role in analytical procedures. The estimated errors of measurement methods commonly used are usual below 20%. The errors of sample preparation procedures can easily rise to more than 200%. Relating to the total error of an analytical procedure it is more effective to invest efforts and money in the improvement of sample preparation techniques instead of squeezing the measurement procedures to get one or two percent improvement in standard deviation.
This book is a concoction of chapters dealing with an overview of the latest developments in various sample preparation techniques for inorganic and organic analytes. Not only sample preparation techniques are described but also some sampling and measurement procedures.

Günter Knapp
Chapter I
Micro Sampling for Solid and Slurries Analytical Methods
Cassiana S. Nomura and Pedro V. Oliveira
 Chapter II
Microwave-assisted Procedures for Sample Preparation: Recent Developments
Lilian C. Trevizan, George L. Donati, Ana Rita A. Nogueira and Joaquim A. Nóbrega
Chapter III
Trends in Sample Preparation using Combustion Techniques
Juliano S. Barin, Érico M. M. Flores and Günter Knapp
Chapter IV
Sample Preparation  of Atmospheric Aerosols for Elemental Analysis and Fractionation Studies
Patricia Smichowski, Darío Gómez and Griselda Polla
Chapter V
Extraction and Pre-Concentration Techniques for Chromatrographic Analysis
Ana Maria de Oliveira, André F. P. Biajoli, Carlos H. V. Fidélis, Raquel G. C. Silva and Fabio Augusto
Chapter VI
Strategies in Sample Preparation for Applications in Analytical Electrochemistry
José M. Pingarrón and Paloma Yãnez-Sedeño
Chapter VII
In-Line Sample Preparation in Flow Analysis
Elias A. G. Zagatto and Ana C. B. Dias
Chapter VIII
The Role of Vanguard-Rearguard Strategies in Sample Preparation in Routine Analytical Laboratories
Miguel Valcárcel and Soledad Cárdenas
Chapter IX
Strategies for Sample Preparation Focusing on Biomolecules Determination/Characterization
Cristiana S. Magalhães, Jerusa S. Garcia, Aline S. Lopes and Eduardo C. Figueiredo, Marco A. Z. Arruda