Chapter 1: Living in a World of Chemistry...1

Chapter 2: The Chemical View of Matter... 16

Chapter 3: Atoms... 48

Chapter 4: The Periodic Table... 82

Chapter 5: Nuclear Changes

Chapter 6: Chemical Bonds: The Ultimate Glue

Chapter 7: States of Matter and Solutions... 180

Chapter 8: Chemical Reactivity: Chemicals in Action... 214

Chapter 9: Acids and Bases - Chemical Opposites... 246

Chapter 10: Oxidation and Reduction in Chemistry... 277

Chapter 11: Chemicals from the Air, Sea,and Land... 311

Chapter 12: Energy and Hydrocarbons... 340

Chapter 13: Alternate Energy Sources... 377

Chapter 14: Organic Chemicals and Polymers... 409

Chapter 15: Chemistry of Life... 452

Chapter 16: Consumer Chemistry - Looking Good and Keeping Clean... 504

Chapter 17: Nutrition: The Basics of Healthy Luiving... 535

Chapter 18: Toxic Substances... 571

Chapter 19: Chemistry and Medicine... 607

Chapter 20: Water - Plenty of it, But What Quality?... 639

Chapter 21: Air - The Precius Canopy... 671

Chapter 22: Feeding the World... 705

Appendix A Significant Digits... A1

Appendix B Scientific Notation... A6

Appendix C Units of Measure, Unit Conversion, and Problem Solving... A12

Appendix D Naming Organic Compounds... A21

Appendix E Answers to Self Tests and Matching sets... A26

Appendix F Answers to Exercises... A36

Appendix G Answers to Selected Questions and Problems... A41


Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry 7th Edition .1996 . 870pp
Douglas A. Skoog . Donald M. West . F. James Holler

The seventh edition of Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry, like its predecessors, is an introductory textbook designed primarily for a one-or two-semester course for chemistry majors. Since the publication of the sixth edition, the scope of analytical chemistry has continued to expand and includes applications in biology, medicine, materials science, ecology, and other related fields. The content of courses in analytical chemistry varies from institution to institution and depends upon the available fa cilities, time allocated to analytical chemistry in the chemistry curriculum, and desires of individual instructors. It is with these thoughts in mind that we have designed the seventh edition of Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry to from a versatile an d molecular basis for courses in analytical chemistry.

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 Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry 7th Edition